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What makes a scan different to a photograph? 

Have you ever wondered what makes a scan different to a photograph? 

A hi-res fine art scan on our world class scanner at Standish & Co provides you with: 

Reliable Detail – the amount of information captured in each scan means that the entire surface of the artwork is always in sharp focus so you can create multiple close up crops from a single scan image and print at large scale.  

Versatility – a variety of directional lighting options are available to best present the work, all of which remain available to you at any point in future without having to re-scan the artwork. 

Consistency – Your own personal scan settings and adjustments that can be replicated for each individual artwork scanned in future so that your images will always stay consistent and accurate.

 Accuracy – Winter, Summer, Autumn or Spring, no matter what time of day or year you are documenting your work we can produce accurate lighting each and every time. 

 In essence, by using our ultra-high resolution digital imaging system a scan is worth much more than a multitude of photographs. 

At Standish & Co Art Labs, we capture every minute detail and all of our workflow are carefully and fully calibrated to ISO standards for consistent best quality results.

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