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Image 03

Is it better to photograph or scan my artworks?

The best digitising suitable for archiving, publishing and reproduction will capture every minute detail of your work, the grain of the media, the texture of the paints and brush strokes, the glossiness (or lack of) the surface, the very ‘fingerprint’ of your artwork, all in ISO certified colour.

Scan pass 1

Image 01

You can see from Image 01 that the photo quality is very good, however, it does not capture the detail and depth of the original art (Image 03).

Image 02

Image 02

Image 02 is a scan that has captured a good amount of detail in comparison to Image 01, but again, not yet that precious original art texture.

Image 03 is what we refer to as a SuperScan. This has captured the full detail and the texture as can be clearly seen and even better illustrated in image 04, where you can clearly see the close up of the underlying detail from our SuperScan.

Standish & Co Art Labs use the very best scanning technology available in the world. We invite you to see it to believe it – It’s that good.

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