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Why digitise my artworks?

You meticulously and passionately create your artwork, then you sell it, and it’s gone.

But you own the Copyrights to that artwork (and your Estate for up to 80 years after your death), and the Moral Rights for ever.

If only you had digitised it prior to exchanging it for food, family, shelter, fashion and travel.

By digitising you can, at any date in the future:

  • Publish them online as an essential expression of your art and culture.
  • Show the story of your artistic growth.
  • Record to share with family and friends.
  • Make available for promotions and editorial.
  • Release for book publishing / content.
  • Use for limited edition print runs.
  • Create a portfolio for your future prosperity.

But you must Digitise it before it’s sold. In most cases the new owner may, quite rightly, not make the artwork available for you to Digitise after they have bought, and even if they do, your cost to do so will be many time greater in every way.

The European Union and most world class museums and galleries have been digitising their collections for more than 10 years, the EU specifically under their Digitising Contemporary Art (DCA) Project.

Standish & Co Art Labs is always available to chat and advise you on any aspect of Digitising your Art.

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