Our scanning technology is the largest in Australia and is specifically designed for fine art reproductions. We scan artworks with unsurpassed image quality and colour accuracy to ensure the original is authentically captured.


  • Scan rigid originals up to 2.4 x 6 metres
  • Scan loose originals up to 3.6 metres wide
  • Scan oversized originals by automatically stitching multiple scans
  • Capture optical resolution up to 1000ppi for large format and 4000ppi for small format
  • High depth of field to scan originals up to 50cm thick
  • Dynamic LED lighting, free of harmful infrared and ultra-violet light

Studio Services

  • Our Highly experienced team of technicians use sophisticated technologies optimised for accurate colour management and authentic reproduction.
  • Every scan is analysed alongside the original under CRI rated lighting to produce digital files with superior colour accuracy.
  • Complex digital retouching and colour matching is performed using specialist imaging monitors with unmatched colour gamut and built-in colour calibration.
  • Files can be delivered in any format required for printing, publication and archiving.


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Our giclée and canvas prints are near indistinguishable from the original artwork. We use the finest archival inks and acid-free fine art rag paper and canvas, including Canson, Hahnemuhle, and Ilford, to create archival reproductions up to 2 metres wide.

Our metal “Fusion Prints” are created by infusing your artwork into a specially treated panel. These popular prints are available up to a maximum size of 1.2 x 2.4 metres.

Our innovative print technologies can reproduce your artwork up to 3 metres wide on paper, canvas, glass, acrylic, wood, photographic films, lightboxes, wallpaper, acoustic and exterior building cladding panels. Because authentic colour replication is paramount, we employ world-class ISO certified processes.

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All prices below include the supply of a high-resolution TIFF file and a low-resolution JPG file. Final files will be provided via WeTransfer. All items are individually scanned, all in the same session. Other sizes available on request.

Classic Collection

Where the shorter axis is 1200mm or less

10 Scans
$99 each (incl gst)
5 Scans
$128 each (incl gst)
1 Scan
$145 each (incl gst)

Grand Collection

Where the shorter axis is more than 1200mm

10 Scans
$198 each (incl gst)
5 Scans
$256 each (incl gst)
1 Scan
$290 each (incl gst)


Masters Colour Package

Masters Package is a premium solution for clients seeking ultimate colour authenticity.
The intensive process involves our specialised technicians analysing the original artwork alongside a test print under controlled lighting. Following analysis, a small-scaled archival giclee proof is supplied for client approval. This solution provides clients with the knowledge that their artwork has been captured with the highest possible colour accuracy.

The Masters Package is available on all scanning variations for an additional $158 (incl GST) and includes an archival mini Giclee proof. Ask your Artist Liaison for further details.

Reconciliation Action Plan Package

Our Reconciliation Action Plan package is specifically designed for organisations seeking the very best in indigenous artwork digitising and reproduction for use with Reconciliation Action Plans.

This package includes scanning, colour correction and two complimentary A4 giclee colour match proofs.


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  • On-demand orders and blind editions can be sent anywhere in the world, to our clients or yours, in plain or uniquely branded packaging.


  • We also offer a valet service within the greater Sydney area for the pick up and delivery of your art.

Cost : $88 for each journey within Greater Sydney, plus any tolls ( *any number of pieces, subject to size and fit in our custom vehicle)

Note: All pickup and delivery is within the Greater Sydney area only. No wet art will be picked up. All art pieces must be individually bubble wrapped prior to pickup. QA on unwrapping is deemed to be par.

Interstate and international logistics are also provided, please contact us for details.

Customised packaging solutions for all shapes and sizes.

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