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Our digitisation facility is world class. The image capture is so good that you can look and experience the grain of the media and the texture of the paint, all faithfully, almost perfectly, supplied to you as a digital file ready to print.


Note: All prices below include the supply of a high resolution tiff file and a low resolution pdf file. Final files will be provided via Hightail or via a USB. All items are individually scanned, all in the same session. Other sizes available on request.

Capture & Digitise pricing

Classic Collection

Any size less than 1,200mm x 1,800mm

10 Scans
$96 each (incl gst)
5 Scans
$118 each (incl gst)
1 Scan
$135 each (incl gst)

Grand Collection

Artwork sizes larger than 1,200mm x 1,800mm up to 2,420mm x 5,500mm

10 Scans
$192 each (incl gst)
5 Scans
$236 each (incl gst)
1 Scan
$270 each (incl gst)
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Platinum Package

The Platinum Package is now available on all scanning variations, this includes an archival mini Giclee proof, only $99 extra per piece (incl GST). Ask your consultant for further details.

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Valet service

We also offer a valet service within the greater Sydney area for the pick up and delivery of your art.

$66 for each journey within Greater Sydney, plus any tolls ( *any number of pieces, subject to size and fit in our custom vehicle)
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Note: All pickup and delivery is within the Greater Sydney area only. No wet art will be picked up. All art pieces must be individually bubble wrapped prior to pickup. QA on unwrapping is deemed to be par.

Please contact us to find out more about our 12 or 24 month subscription packages.


The Masters Package is now available for all scanning variations,  including an archival mini Giclee proof – only $138 extra per piece (incl GST). Ask your Artist Liaison for further details.

Our services


OK, so you now have a fantastic digital file of your artwork to ‘Best In World’ standards. With more than 25 years of industry experience reproducing your original artwork as a printed version is something we have mastered.

From the best digitised files we can create Editions so good that from as little as half a metre away it will be hard to tell the difference between your original artwork and your edition print.

We know colour is absolutely important to you, so we’re professionally ISO certified (ISO 12647-2) in colour reproduction and we have multiple print technologies to ensure we create your ‘Archival Editions’ on any material you’d like including art papers, glass, acrylic, metal, wood and even cement panels.

Some of the technologies that we offer include :

  • Giclee Prints: The best archival inks and acid free fine art rag papers, such as Hahnemuhle, are used to create stunning limited editions and reproductions as you may want.
  • Photographic: A traditional wet process using Kodak Endura Premium archival silver emulsion film, available in matt, satin or gloss.
  • Gallery Prints: Photographic prints face mounted to optically clear acrylic, backed in a composite aluminium panel, complete with gallery standard hanging system.
  • Fusion prints: Your art is infused into a specially treated aluminium panel (or other substrate types) for a unique and amazing finish.

Studio Services

Our highly experienced team of Art Studio Technicians are passionate about helping you achieve everything you want in your digital files. From file creation where we capture every minute detail of your originals, through to set up for potential edition prints, web applications and complete file archiving. You’re the artist and we’re here to help you preserve and present you art for today and tomorrow.

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