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Welcome to Standish & Co, your ultimate destination for capturing, preserving and sharing the beauty of art. Specialising in cutting-edge digital art solutions to preserve your legacy, we capture every detail, colour and texture with unrivalled precision.

Our expertise is creating both authentic digital copies and fine art printing. We use sophisticated technologies and techniques along with premium materials to honour and preserve your artwork for generations to come.

Beyond a service, we are the connection between your creativity and the world. From sharing your artwork to creating enduring legacies, Standish & Co makes it possible.


Having artwork accurately captured is essential for preservation and enables future opportunities to be brought to life.

Our scanner’s dynamic lighting technology accurately captures 3D information including brush strokes and texture. It also enables us the ability to test endless light variations without needing to rescan the original.

Capturing details can wield substantial influence in the evaluations and critiques provided by appraisers, dealers, curators and discerning art collectors. Authentically capturing your artwork safeguards your artistic legacy and is indispensable in presenting your body of work to future audiences.



Galleries take great pride in promoting the historical and cultural narratives of creative works. Traditionally, art has been intricately curated within the confines of physical spaces. However, the paradigm is shifting as technology revolutionises this model. Through immersive digital experiences, the widespread education and enjoyment of art is being rapidly accelerated.

Standish & Co facilitates the digital preservation of cultural heritage by employing the most advanced scanning technologies. Our state-of-the-art scanner is used by the most prestigious institutions around the world and achieves the highest score with the US (FADGI), EU (Metamorfoze) and Australian digitisation guidelines.



Standish & Co delivers solutions to facilitate digital curation and collection management. We deploy patented technologies to capture artworks and output files to effectively document provenance, authenticate insurance appraisals and set a detailed benchmark for any possible conservation work.

Framed or unframed paintings, drawings, photographs, prints, maps and plans on paper, canvas, papyrus, parchment, panel and scrolls can be digitised. Artworks do not come in contact with the scanner.

Every collection tells a unique story. With Standish & Co’s sophisticated technologies your passion for art can be authentically captured and digitally preserved, ensuring that its legacy lives on.



You are curating a publication and need the artworks to be reproduced so impressively they are near indistinguishable from the originals.

Our scanner captures the highest resolution in Australia. Its 16K sensor captures optical resolution up to 1000ppi with high dynamic range, high colour accuracy and low noise. We capture images so exceptional that you can experience the texture of the media and artist’s mark-making.

Our world-class technologies ensure each artwork is supplied in your desired format ready to publish with absolute colour and lighting consistency.

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