About us

Your art is amazing! It should be digitised for sharing through generations, to increase it’s value, for insurance and provenance.

We use only the world’s best technology as used by the Vatican State and globally renowned Libraries, Museums & Galleries across Europe, The Americas and Asia. Digital files so good that they look real.

Whether you’re an Artist, Collector, Gallery, Museum or a Publisher, we capture the finest contours and textures, according to the highest ISO standards of colour space and consistency, effectively capturing a unique fingerprint of your art.

“Arts & culture preservation through leading digitisation and innovative scanning technology."

Capture & preserve
your creations!

As a professional artist, having accurate captures of your work at the time of creation is now available and essential to your successful career, both current and for the future.

You never know what the future brings… so Capture and Preserve as soon as you can.

Your portfolios are an integral method of displaying a spectrum of your work, and contain important historical and current details instrumental in evaluations and reviews given by art professionals such as valuers, art dealers, institutional curators and art collectors. And for any future purpose you may want to use them for.

Having the best Capture of your art will enhance your chances for success today and tomorrow.

“It is through the Capture and Preservation of your work that future projects and opportunities can be brought to life.”

Absolute colour
& lighting consistency

You’re curating a series of artworks for an upcoming edition, you need images of the artworks that simply jump off the page as if the reader was standing right in front of the original. And all with your preferred ISO colour profile!

Yes, this is exactly what we can provide to you for publication. Images so good that you can look and experience the grain of the media and the texture of the paint, all faithfully, almost perfectly, supplied to you as a digital file ready to print.

The artworks themselves are amazing, the story and curation riveting, and now with Standish & Co Digitisation services, the files you receive are phenomenally realistic. Let the presses roll with some of the best imaging your readers will ever see! And will want to come back for more.

Our Super Digitisation is World Class and weighs in at about 2 tonne – so it’s not portable. But our secure facilities can receive and process artworks from very small to very large (up to 4m x 2.2m) and larger. Framed or unframed. Solid or flexible. And we can securely collect, digitise and return by arrangement.


Collect & share
– so much more!

Art is going online, through auctions and on-line museum and gallery portals.

This begs the question: If major museums around the world are digitising their collections, should private collectors do likewise? What are the benefits?

To Capture & Preserve your collection via Digitisation is not just a means to then privately share the family wealth and pleasure with far-flung relatives. Done well it is a cost-effective way to verify insurance appraisals and raise the profile of your little-known private collection with a wider audience – and increase the Artist’s and collection’s value.

“I had my entire collection digitised and stored offsite for insurance purposes.”

Artistic & cultural
heritage preservation
for the community

Galleries and Museums proudly collect and exhibit to the general public creative works to both preserve and share scientific, artistic, historical and cultural history within a community.

Traditionally this has been curated via bricks and mortar facilities. The internet is transforming this model, facilitating the education and enjoyment of many more, faster, via On-line Exhibitions.

The Digitising of artworks preserves the works and enables the cost effective expansion to a greater audience, most of whom could otherwise never benefit from the collection.

In addition and in conjunction with the Artist, products or various types and sizes can be made available via secure portals to benefit the Artist, the Gallery / Museum and the Collector.