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Sydney’s Emerging Artist Showcase – 24-27th October

The 6th Edition of ‘The Other Art Fair’ presented by Saatchi Art returns to Sydney with their highly coveted exhibition.

Showcasing emerging and independent artists with an exclusive opportunity to acquire an original artwork from Australia’s ever developing and sophisticated Art Scene.

“There are undeniably exquisite and unique artists exhibited”

The Art Curators of ‘The Other Art Fair’ review submissions and carefully select just 130 new, emerging and independent artists, giving you the unrivalled opportunity to explore these hidden gems over this four-day exhibition.
‘The Other Art Fair’ explores and showcases a breadth of styles and the highest talent in the Australian Art community. This concept has been an unquestionable success and now boasts events in Melbourne, New York and London.  

Enjoy now and pay later by utilising Art Money , you can get all the details at the show.

“Sydney Art Lovers and Enthusiasts – Something for Everyone”

Whether you’re an experienced Art Collector or looking to acquire your first piece, this event is where you will find new artists with unique pieces for your home or collection. Standish & Co works with Artists, Studios, Galleries and Collectors to preserve their original pieces using our State of the Art Scanning and Printing services.

Tickets are still available for the Barangaroo event at the link below: 

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